Counselling and Support

Gain Strength Through Support


At some point in our lives we may need a bit of extra support to help give us direction or to help us through the dark days. Our counselling team are here to support you for however long it takes. all counselling and support services are professional & confidential.             * Set donation applies *


One to one support

We also have one to one support workers for members who do not want ongoing counselling. One of the support team is always available to listen and support you.

How do I start?

One of our counsellors will arrange to meet with you, to discuss the sessions and contracts in order to continue assisting and supporting you. You will be given an appointment to suit you and our counsellor. If you need help outside of this appointment please contact our Co-ordinator Chris who will assist you. Contact any time 01925 240054

To book a session email or call 01925 240054