Gain Strength Through Support

“This centre is just what Warrington needs to provide help to all members, families and carers going through an upsetting time. Great friendships are formed here with all the loving caring support that is provided. This organisation is a wonderful happy “family”, doing some amazing work. Well done all at John Holt Cancer Support foundation. Thank you.”

“I have been coming to the centre since losing Rob for 3 years, it has saved my life, the house is beautiful, such a joy. Everyone makes you feel happy, they are so lovely. Penny organises great trips for us, we all appreciate the hard work it takes to keep such a wonderful place up and running. Keep up the brilliant work. Thank you”

“I consider it a fantastic charity which has definitely changed my life for the better. They are wonderful bunch of people, both volunteers and clients and it’s a pleasure to be part of what I call a supportive family. I am looking forward to and very excited about the future of John Holt, well done to everyone involved.”


"Wonderful services offered by everyone here. We cannot believe so much good can happen under one roof"

"This place is a ray of sunshine amongst clouds where people who have been touched by this illness can come together"